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2003 Cobra


This past summer I fulfilled a dream of mine.  My wife and I purchased an 04’ SVT Cobra convertible.  Through the road of life I have only attended items for my family, my business and my wife’s business.  Now it is time for our TOY.  I am a finish carpenter of over twenty years.  I am mechanically challenged when it comes to vehicles and engines.  I know the basics.

Here is the reason for this letter.  The salesmen at Team Ford introduced me to the performance possibilities that could be done thru a technician in the shop out back.  He is very talented and comes highly recommended.  Thus he introduces me to you.  Through many conversations, picking your brain and research done on my behalf (for what its worth.) We have enhanced our Cobra!  With your knowledge, technology and expertise you have created my ultimate car!!  It was a hard thing to do to put your faith in someone you don’t know and the funds required for results you cannot be sure of.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised when I received my car back from you.  As I stated before, your technical knowledge of your trade in performance in my opinion is second to none.  It is with great enthusiasm that I thank you for the unbelievable performance that you have massaged into our Cobra!  460 RWHP and 489 RWTQ.  In the future I am confident that I can turn to Injected Engineering for all my performance needs.  Good luck in the future as I understand a Speed Shop of your own is in the works!

Thank you for your time and patience,

Jeff Warcup


2001 Cobra

Ha, made you look.  Just kidding, in all seriousness, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Injected for your professionalism and quality of service.  As we all know, as perfect as we’d all like to be, sometimes we cannot get it right the first time.  I appreciate you standing behind your work as people with good integrity these days are few and far between.  The car runs great, I got some good high RPM shifts and downshifts this weekend and it felt solid as a rock.  I do not think I’ll have any problems out of it.  I will continue to look to Injected Engineering for all of my high performance upgrades and needs!  Thanks guys!

-Aaron Johnston


Supercharged 300C SRT8

I wanted to write you to exclaim how satisfied I am with your work.  I wanted to give it a full day of 'testing' before I wrote to you.  When I turn the key it starts up immediately where before there was hesitation and sometimes a need for multiple attempts.  Also, at stops, there isn't any rough idle like before.  Cruising at 35mph the car drives very smooth.  When I stomp on the gas...holy crap!  It's like I had to learn to drive my car all over again!  The shifts are extremely fluid.  In fact, I don't even recall feeling one shift from 25-120mph!  Amazing that the peak horsepower may be slightly less than what it was (supposedly) before, although the car is now MUCH, MUCH faster.  This thing lunges forward with an aggressiveness I was dreaming for.  The response is immediate too.  I couldn't be any happier with your work and knowing that it's done correctly and safely just adds to it.  Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to greatness and I'll be sure to praise your business across the forums and to friends.
Injected Engineering truly 'unlocked The Beast' in my car.  Thank you!
Jonathon Dougall


Air Ride Technologies Supercharged Mustang


As promised, attached is the link from Air-Ride's website on Kenny's
Notice it was featured in "Super Rod Magazine" Oct 2002 issue.
Again, Kenny is very pleased with all your hard work on the car; in fact
he received a speeding ticket Saturday night going 102mph in a 55mph
zone - "job well done guys" - he loves it!!!

Kind Regards,
Jennifer Beckett


Supercharged Z06 Corvette

Well I made the long 900 mile trip yesterday. It went very good. I lost the temp tag in Alabama and had to make the rest of the trip without a license plate...made for an interesting trip. I made it 10 miles
from the house and finally got pulled over. The cop was cool about it and just checked out the car and sent me on my way.
I must say the car is scary fast....I love it...
Kenny Carrell


Supercharged Hemi

Hey guy's been so busy with my daughters wedding over the past weeks I have been lax in my duty's, I freakin love my car the looks I get and the questions I get.  I sure hope that some of the people will really get with you guy's for some work.  I saw the pic on your home page of my car and almost died that is a great shot you took of it.  I swear i am going to get you some more pics.  I just cant tell you all how great my experience with you has been, all of you are true experts in your field and I will always come back to INJECTED ENGINEERING for any and all work, again thanks to you all..

Robert W Pleasants


Kenne Bell 2.8 Lightning

Thanks for all the help Injected....

Here's the first 10 for me.
Trucks been running great for over two years now!

Jason Bolton


Supercharged Thunderbird

That's a 100% pump gas, safe, street tune as only Aric can do. The T-Trim is spinning about 80% boost.

The really good news is that GB is coming home to sunny South Florida so I can cruise around the streets of Stuart.

GB was designed, engineered and built to be a street driven hot rod, not a dyno or trailer queen, so we're gonna give her a long distance trip to Florida (8 hours), and a few of months of good solid daily driver break-in, to make sure all her systems hold up under the hot conditions ... Then I'll bring her back up to Kennesaw to tweak whatever may need tweaking. If all goes well, we'll put some race fuel in her, maybe swap in a smaller pulley ... and Aric will see just how high the numbers can go -- can you say "money shot?" By the way Aric is one of only two tuners in the world that Scott and I trust for that job. We'll add a race tune to the flip chip and back to Florida she goes to terrorize Moroso .. well now they call it Palm Beach International Raceway, but it'll always be Moroso to me.

There are many reasons why Injected's shop is always as busy as it is. Let's see: Knowledge; Experience; Skill; Old School Commitment to Excellence; Customer Service; Straight Talk ... just to name a few

Well, having Olde Towne waitresses and Pink Pony girls in the waiting room may have something to do with it, too ....

Thanks guys ...

-Mike Sullivan


Mercury Marauder

Hi men, Just wanted to give a shout out to thank Aric for the awesome job on my tune this past Saturday. Car is back to where it should be at the track, and the "regular" driving is so much better. The shifting is about where I used to manually do it. Another plus, beat a highly modded Lightning in a 60 to 110 roll. Guy is a friend, and couldn't believe the way I walked away. He did
go by finally, but it was a pleasant surprise to me, maybe not so pleasant for him. Again,


Paul Casey


Z06 Corvette

I was pretty confident that Aric would not walk away from his work. I did not
ask that he do anything. I just sent him your email to make him aware that
there had been a problem and I suggested that he contact you to verify the
issues.  I am also not surprised that he responded the way he did, but I am
pretty damned impressed. This is why my cars go there, and why I recommend
him to everyone I meet.

Mike Kangiser (A.K.A Geezer)


Supercharged 2005 Mustang

Injected Engineering and their customer service

I have meant to leave some feedback for the injected crew but got busy with other stuff.

If anyone opens this post and is considering teaming up with Injected...don't hesitate. Do it.

I have dealt with a few tuners in my day. When it comes to tuning a ride there are bound to be issues, tweaks, etc as you jump up the performance curve. When you are doing the work yourself you can work them out on your own nickle and time frame but when things don't go just right when you are dealing with a tuning shop this is when most folks tend to pucker up. You just never know how the tuner is going to react when you take your ride back to them with a "issue". To me this is where you separate the average shop from the top tier crews.

I found out real quick that Aric and the rest of the crew at Injected are all professional, willing to listen and do not treat their customers as if they were idiots. Most of the guys into tuning their ride have some background in mechanics and have done some or all of their own upgrades as in my case. It's the tuning where I needed some professional help.

Yes I did have a issue with the tune but injected went the extra mile (well several hundred miles...) and got to the root cause of the issue and made things right. Never did they give me a hard time..."I want it right" is all I heard from the crew.

Today I am riding in a 550 HP 06 black GT getting ready for this season looking at a low 11 second ride.

Thanks again Aric, Ryan and the rest of the Injected crew.

Steve Vance


Whipple 2.3 2009 Mustang


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the work that you guys do. I
was just talking to a coworker about how hard it is to find good companies to work
on cars. He has a Rossion on order also so he is well aware of the frustrations that
I have with the delays in getting these cars. I told him about Injected Engineering
since the Rossion basically has a Ford power plant and also both of his sons have

When Anderson was following me home on Saturday I noticed that his headlights were
annoying in my rearview mirror. After looking closer at them, we realized that the
low-beams, and high-beams were reversed by the company that did the installation. I
will need for you guys to straighten this out when you do the HIDs. If you have any
time before the end of the year where someone could look into this then let me know
and Anderson can bring the car by and just wait. Otherwise, we'll plan to have the
car there around Jan 5.

Thanks and have a great Christmas.



Mercury Marauder Dyno Tuning

Yesterday I was able to WOT with the Street Tune. WOW!
The drivability is excellent, cold starts right up and the shift is great. Starting, idle and part throttle are smoother than stock. Going WOT is really like having a "Tiger in your tank"!
I am looking forward to taking her to the track. What RPM do you recommend at the track for the 1-2 shift and 2-3 shift?
Thanks for a great tune!

Went to State Capitol for Test-N-Tune. Testing the MT ET Radial II 305/45/18 on OEM widened wheels. The tech guy asked what was I expecting to run and I said 12.0. He said perfect sleeper.
The first run was with the Street Tune at 24psi;
R/T 60 330 Eight MPH 1,000 Quarter MPH
0.238 1.837 5.138 7.845 90.06 10.217 12.216 113.07
The second run was the Race Tune at 20.5psi, slipped at the start and spun on the 1-2;
0.419 1.823 5.064 7.71 92.15 10.017 11.957 116.58
The third run was the Race Tune at 19psi, slipped at the start;
0.145 1.817 5.055 7.7 92.39 10.001 11.937 116.91.

It was 70*/59%, turned on the a/c and cranked up the tunes for the ride back.
A new Challenger with an IC Procharger ran 11.79. A new Camaro SS ran 13.7. There were 3 new 5.0 Mustangs. A stock ran 12.7 and a modified one ran 11.7. One on nitrous ran 10.7.
3 previous generation Camaros ran 12.0, 12.1, 12.3.

Today I was one of the fastest street cars.

The MT slipped an 1/8" on each rim. I will continue to drop the pressure on the MT. The MM felt very stable at the top end.
The start up, idle and driveability are excellent. I am very pleased with the Tune.

Billy Sherar


World's Fastest Dodge Challenger

Thanks again for your awesome service, second to none!

AGP Speed and Custom



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