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Billy Sherar

Yesterday I was able to WOT with the Street Tune. WOW!
The drivability is excellent, cold starts right up and the shift is great. Starting, idle and part throttle are smoother than stock. Going WOT is really like having a "Tiger in your tank"!
I am looking forward to taking her to the track. What RPM do you recommend at the track for the 1-2 shift and 2-3 shift?
Thanks for a great tune!

Went to State Capitol for Test-N-Tune. Testing the MT ET Radial II 305/45/18 on OEM widened wheels. The tech guy asked what was I expecting to run and I said 12.0. He said perfect sleeper.

The first run was with the Street Tune at 24psi;
R/T 60 330 Eight MPH 1,000 Quarter MPH
0.238 1.837 5.138 7.845 90.06 10.217 12.216 113.07
The second run was the Race Tune at 20.5psi, slipped at the start and spun on the 1-2;
0.419 1.823 5.064 7.71 92.15 10.017 11.957 116.58
The third run was the Race Tune at 19psi, slipped at the start;
0.145 1.817 5.055 7.7 92.39 10.001 11.937 116.91.

It was 70*/59%, turned on the a/c and cranked up the tunes for the ride back.
A new Challenger with an IC Procharger ran 11.79. A new Camaro SS ran 13.7. There were 3 new 5.0 Mustangs. A stock ran 12.7 and a modified one ran 11.7. One on nitrous ran 10.7.
3 previous generation Camaros ran 12.0, 12.1, 12.3. 

Today I was one of the fastest street cars.

The MT slipped an 1/8" on each rim. I will continue to drop the pressure on the MT. The MM felt very stable at the top end.
The start up, idle and driveability are excellent. I am very pleased with the Tune.

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