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Jeff Warcup


This past summer I fulfilled a dream of mine.  My wife and I purchased an 04’ SVT Cobra convertible.  Through the road of life I have only attended items for my family, my business and my wife’s business.  Now it is time for our TOY.  I am a finish carpenter of over twenty years.  I am mechanically challenged when it comes to vehicles and engines.  I know the basics.

Here is the reason for this letter.  The salesmen at Team Ford introduced me to the performance possibilities that could be done thru a technician in the shop out back.  He is very talented and comes highly recommended.  Thus he introduces me to you.  Through many conversations, picking your brain and research done on my behalf (for what its worth.) We have enhanced our Cobra!  With your knowledge, technology and expertise you have created my ultimate car!!  It was a hard thing to do to put your faith in someone you don’t know and the funds required for results you cannot be sure of.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised when I received my car back from you.  As I stated before, your technical knowledge of your trade in performance in my opinion is second to none.  It is with great enthusiasm that I thank you for the unbelievable performance that you have massaged into our Cobra!  460 RWHP and 489 RWTQ.  In the future I am confident that I can turn to Injected Engineering for all my performance needs.  Good luck in the future as I understand a Speed Shop of your own is in the works!

Thank you for your time and patience,

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