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Jonathon Dougall

I wanted to write you to exclaim how satisfied I am with your work.  I wanted to give it a full day of 'testing' before I wrote to you.  When I turn the key it starts up immediately where before there was hesitation and sometimes a need for multiple attempts.  Also, at stops, there isn't any rough idle like before.  Cruising at 35mph the car drives very smooth.  When I stomp on the gas...holy crap!  It's like I had to learn to drive my car all over again!  The shifts are extremely fluid.  In fact, I don't even recall feeling one shift from 25-120mph!  Amazing that the peak horsepower may be slightly less than what it was (supposedly) before, although the car is now MUCH, MUCH faster.  This thing lunges forward with an aggressiveness I was dreaming for.  The response is immediate too.  I couldn't be any happier with your work and knowing that it's done correctly and safely just adds to it.  Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to greatness and I'll be sure to praise your business across the forums and to friends.
Injected Engineering truly 'unlocked The Beast' in my car.  Thank you!

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