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Steve Vance

I have meant to leave some feedback for the injected crew but got busy with other stuff. 

If anyone opens this post and is considering teaming up with Injected...don't hesitate. Do it. 

I have dealt with a few tuners in my day. When it comes to tuning a ride there are bound to be issues, tweaks, etc as you jump up the performance curve. When you are doing the work yourself you can work them out on your own nickle and time frame but when things don't go just right when you are dealing with a tuning shop this is when most folks tend to pucker up. You just never know how the tuner is going to react when you take your ride back to them with a "issue". To me this is where you separate the average shop from the top tier crews. 

I found out real quick that Aric and the rest of the crew at Injected are all professional, willing to listen and do not treat their customers as if they were idiots. Most of the guys into tuning their ride have some background in mechanics and have done some or all of their own upgrades as in my case. It's the tuning where I needed some professional help. 

Yes I did have a issue with the tune but injected went the extra mile (well several hundred miles...) and got to the root cause of the issue and made things right. Never did they give me a hard time..."I want it right" is all I heard from the crew.

Today I am riding in a 550 HP 06 black GT getting ready for this season looking at a low 11 second ride. 

Thanks again Aric, Ryan and the rest of the Injected crew.

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